Selling in Facebook Groups – 5 Ways to Promote Your Group and Get More Members

If you are interested in the cutting edge techniques to promote your Facebook group, then, this is the best article you will ever read.

Read on to discover the top 5 Ways to Promote Your Group and Get More Members:

  1. Include the link to your Facebook group in your blog’s navigation menu

This is one of the easiest ways to add the right members to your group. Since they’ve read your blog post, they are more likely to join your Facebook group because they represent your ideal audience. You can use a catchy headline to make it more attractive. Apart from the navigation menu, you can also include the link in all of the following pages of your website;

  • The footer menu
  • The end of each blogpost
  • Your contact page
  • Your about page
  1. Promote it on your YouTube channel

You do have a YouTube channel right?

If no, hear this: it is already a proven fact that video content is taking over written content as the king of content. New evidence suggests that by the year 2020, 90 percent of all consumer traffic will be video content. At the moment, a staggering 500 million hours of video is being watched on YouTube on a daily basis. You can leverage this to grow your Facebook group.

Here are the top three ways you can use your YouTube channel to promote your Facebook group:

  • Overlay your videos with text prompts that encourage your viewers to join your group
  • Include the link to your Facebook group in the video description for each video you upload
  • Include a call to action to join your Facebook group as part of your outro for each of your videos. See more.
  1. Utilize your thank you pages

If you have a landing page, then, there is no way you won’t have a thank you page. The “thank you” page is the page that appears after the visitor has entered his name and email address on the landing page. For someone to have become one of your subscribers shows that they are interested in knowing more about you. Why not give them the chance by asking them to join your Facebook group.

  1. Your welcome email

As previously mentioned once a person becomes your subscriber, you should have an automated welcome email which the person receives. In this email, you can ask your new subscribers to join your private community – your Facebook page.

Since it has been proven that welcome emails usually have the highest open rate and Click-through rate, it is highly likely that you will get a stream of new members to your Facebook group through your welcome email.

Again, your subscribers represent your ideal audience for your Facebook group, they will have no problem fitting in.

  1. Make it a part of your social media strategy

Remember when you first started growing your Facebook group. In the first week, you were posting promoting your group through very attractive images on different social media platforms. But after a week, you stopped.

All you have to do is start that exact process again. Don’t forget that you can make things easy on yourself by using a scheduling tool.

This will automate the whole process. If you can make the promotion of your Facebook group a part of your social media strategy, you will reap enormous rewards and perhaps become a Soldsie competitor. For more information visit:

How to Use Facebook To Sell Products – Facebook Mastery

fb selling

As many of us know, of course, Facebook is the best place to promote your eBay store driving traffic, a “soldsie alternative,” and boosting sales. Knowing how to master Facebook is rather easy if you know how to upload friendly postings driving traffic right to your eBay store. It’s rather simple but only 1% of eBay sellers are practicing this highly-effective method. The reason is simple—it’s a method that works and its simple, too, for people to know about.

Start by creating a Facebook account and making as many friends as possible. By simply adding as many as 10 to 20 people a day or a week you can make substantial amounts of sales. Once you started to post, start with simple post like current events. Open up USA Today and read the current events happening and post your opinion on the topic you read. In your signature, you will always place your name and the link to your website. What you are trying to create is people reading your posting. The better your posting is in engaging people the more people are going to click and visit you online store and the more you comment sold.

Have you ever thought of using Facebook on selling your products online?

With lots of people spending most of their time in the social media like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter and more eBay sellers are concentrating in promoting their eBay store on social sites like Facebook. With more than 1 billion members on Facebook, people are enjoying the way of communicating in the cyber world. More people enjoy looking at potential items to buy online rather than going to the department stores and deciding if they wanted to or not. get related information at

Usually, I like to post about politics and movie reviews simply because it’s easy to write about. People from all levels can relate to these two topics and people will comment on your postings. The more interesting your postings are the better of followers you are going to create. You want to give out an image of a talented person that has a great opinion of current events. I promise as soon as you post something people will flock and read it. They will also give their opinions of what they think about it and clicking on your site. This is the best way of promoting your eBay store products using Facebook. Don’t be shy and post, ask people also to visit your eBay store online.

fb selling

Since you already know these certain helpful hints on how to obtain eBay success, use these into practice and gain profit now. The best eBay business can go for more if you already know how you will improve your sales, promote comment selling and boost your inventory potential.

The above is a powerful way to take the hard work out of deciding how to sell your products. In this article, I discussed a great way to make extra sales using Facebook, finding out cool ways to market your listings, and some amazing ways to sell them online. Using these strategies will help attract buyers and turn them into regular, satisfied customers for life.