The goal of every start-up and small business is to stay afloat by steadying profits. Many start-ups are leveraging the power of social media to grow their business community effectively. If you are looking to drive more sales from your Facebook and Instagram pages, then Soldsie is a tool for you. It deploys the comment selling strategy, setting it apart from its competitors. Their website has less information about how they operate. Here are some useful things you need to know about them.

Getting started on Soldsie

Signing up is the first step to take when employing the services of Soldsie. Getting signed up on the Soldsie website can strike you with some level of apprehension. It is because the sign-up button takes you to a page with a contact info form, and there is little to know the description of the website. There are no reasons for just a contact info form, but speculations suggest it is used as a filter by Soldsie employees in determining the perfect fits (clients) for their services. Of course, every product and service is not designed for everyone. More details!

How does Soldsie work?

Before going into how this amazing platform works, there is something to be noted. Soldsie does not help you grow your social media fen base or engagements. It is simply a tool to gain money straight from your Facebook and Instagram pages.

At Soldsie, purchasing items happen at flash speed. The actions required are

  • Uploading a photo of the item to be sold
  • Your fans purchase by going to the comment box and comment sold
  • Transaction complete.

First-time buyers register and purchase by simply clicking on a link provided, making the entire process easy for both buyers and sellers. Facebook comment selling is increasingly becoming a new way of buying and selling because of its convenience approach

How much do they charge?

Getting on Soldsie is a big investment, and the fee might be considered a splurge at first. You have to be sure you have interested followers who are willing to purchase your products and are also actively commenting. The monthly fee and corresponding sales commission may vary from brand to brand. Prices are customized according to your business.

Pros of using Soldsie

There are some behind the scene benefits for buyers at Soldsie. They are

  • You have an account manager that performs day check-ins through the phone. He also aids you to generate better sales making strategies.
  • Experiences gathered over time in comment selling are always at your disposal.
  • You get access to free in-depth social media training. You can also access Facebook groups and interact with fellow Soldsie users.

Cons of using Soldsie

  • The interface is not quite user-friendly, especially computing shipping orders.
  • For most people, the learning curve is tedious, and the concepts may prove too hard to understand.

Soldsie is a massive tool to get your online sales back on track. The Facebook comment selling is awesome as long as you have an active fan base. Their customer service team are with you every step of the way to make sure they assist in any challenges you may encounter. Click here for more information: