The Ins and Outs of Buying and Selling on Instagram

With 200 million monthly users and still growing around the world, Instagram tries their best to keep sponsored content to a minimum and does not allow any links in posts. However with such a  large market using their service every month the marketing potential of the platform is hard to dispute to say the least. Because of this some services exist out there to help you make sales or buy things using instagram. Here I will introduce you to a couple of them.


Hash bag attempts to use the hashtag feature of instagram to identify things that are for sale. By using the #forsale hashtag a registered member of Hashbag can be contacted by a potential buyer through their software. However the execution of this idea is somewhat lacking. Since the system is still in its infancy there are still some errors that can occur and some thing do not happen as fluidly as you would like. However this company is trying their hardest to bring out the selling potential of instagram and you should keep your eye on them. Check here.


Soldsie attempts to use the comments section of instagram posts to facilitate sales rather than the hashtags.If a buyer likes a product all they need to do is comment “sold” on that particular picture and Soldsie will automatically send an invoice to the buyer. Soldsie is especially powerful for any company or person who already has a following on Instagram and wants to reach that market without trying to convert them to some external platform such as their website or a amazon webstore. This is extremely useful as it is incredibly difficult to achieve even a 50% conversion rate on those sorts of selling tactics.


Curalate attempt to provide the buyer with more privacy and discretion with what they choose to buy off instagram. It creates a “shoppable gallery that is analogical, allowing the buyer to buy things captured in the image. Nordstrom, one of their more notable clients, has a beautiful instagram gallery and asks follower who wish to make purchases to go to another gallery containing the same pictures but it is also connected to Nordstrom’s online store and checkout. This way users do not have to publicly express their interests on Instagram in order to make a purchase. However this process of buying things through Instagram seems a bit convoluted and it may seem just as offputting as having to navigate to the full website from instagram because of how many steps are involved. It also requires that you do not have more than one product in a single picture as that could be confusing and annoying for potential buyers.


Those were 3 different examples of services that are trying to make buying and selling on Instagram not on a possibility but a more convenient option compared to traditional webstores. Some of them maybe still need some time to be fully developed and flush out any bugs but I am confident that we will be seeing marketplaces fully flourishing on Instagram in no time. For more information visit:

Social Selling – Love it or Hate it, You Gotta LIKE it

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The use of social media in the last few years has had a huge impact on the way businesses and brands conduct themselves—from customer service to advertising and selling directly to customers on those platforms, Facebook comment selling, there has been a great deal to learn and many changes to adjust to.

There are many different terms that use “social” as a descriptor—social media management, social selling, social media advertising, etc. and while it’s tempting to combine these disciplines into one umbrella term, each discipline operates in significantly different ways, each with their own best practices and outcomes,

Are you still skeptical about the way social media works and the kind of results that you can get from selling on these platforms? This is something that would have been acceptable 5 years ago, but now only those who want to remain blind to reality would even consider the idea of social media just being a luxury for their business. In this article, we are going to mention some of the benefits of social selling that can really be advantageous for you which surely you will LIKE it! checkout latest information at

Reputation management

Being able to work on reputation management is something very important for your business and when you are working on social media this can be controlled a little easier. You can expect to get some competition to try to ruin your online reputation and this is something that happens to a lot of top companies at some point. The important thing is to remember to always keep calm and handle things professionally.

Increased productivity

There is no denying that those who use social media to promote their products are always getting more sales than those who are doing everything offline since you can post more comment selling which your friends can saw it. You need to be able to get yourself into the world of Internet marketing if you want to be able to get things moving.

The sales cycle will be much shorter:

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You can truly benefit from the use of social media in many ways and the sales cycle will be completely changed by this. When you work offline, you need to find ways to get the attention of people in order to get them to visit the location where you sell the products, but this is not something that happens when you take it to the Internet. You will be able to provide the customers with a much faster way to get proper service and this is the best way to shorten the cycles.

Lead Generation:

There is nothing more important than being able to start getting some good leads if you want your business to succeed and this is exactly what was social selling can do for you. The most important thing to realize is that social selling is going to help you avoid all the hassles of the offline market and you will never have to worry about cold calling anymore. There are obviously a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when you work online, too, such that you have lot of soldsie competitors, but the good news is that you are never going to have to be worrying about getting good results if you know how to network.

Selling Online With Blogs

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While the term “blogging for dollars” is an aspiration, it CAN become a reality. In laying the groundwork for success, we need to look at ourselves first. However, successful bloggers do not become successful overnight. They have worked hard and persevered before they became successful. Most of them see the “big picture” beyond blogging. They see the extended business opportunities that blogging can bring and plan for them to turn into reality. visit her latest blog posted at

  1. Write Great Content

With the Internet flooded with information, you need to make your content interesting, relevant and useful in order to stand out from the crowd. People who visit your site must be inspired to revisit. Depending on the niche you are focusing on, get yourself up-to-date on specific areas of your niche, and blog about it since you have lots of soldsie competitors.

  1. Comment your way to the top with useful content

Commenting is a great way to plant your links all over the Internet, especially when you are posting “comment selling” with the items. However, be sure to write intelligently and constructively. Make sure your comments are relevant to the post that you are commenting on. Also, it may be a good idea to pick out several high-traffic blogs to focus on. Other than building links and drawing traffic, this is also a good approach to get you noticed by other bloggers.

  1. Find a niche for your blog

Unless you are writing a blog about yourself, pick an angle that your blog will focus on. Review other blogs and figure out how you can be different. Run keyword searches on Google Analytics to find out what people are really looking for online. Through this, you’ll be able to carve out a niche for your blog. Then, using the right keywords, register an easy-to-remember domain name for your blog and forward your blog to this domain name.

  1. Submit your blog to Blog Directories

Blog directories help build incoming links to your blog. Run a search for blog directories and submit to as many of them as you can. While most blog directories list for free, they will probably ask for a reciprocal link on your blog. Also, remember to submit your site to popular search directories, such as Google and Yahoo!

  1. Network with other bloggers

Placing comments on other bloggers’ websites is the first step towards establishing a relationship with them. By networking with them, you get them to notice your blog and perhaps place a good comment or even a review or a reference to your blog. This works wonders in drawing traffic to your site!

  1. Join social networking sites

Get your own friends and their friends to visit your blog! You can do this by subscribing to social networking sites such as Facebook or Friendster. Invite other bloggers into your social network and publicize your blog through them too!

  1. Include interesting or decorative pictures on your blogFacebook mistakes

Just like other websites, adding a picture for decorative purposes or clarity helps to put variety to site design. If placed appropriately, graphical ads help to create the same effect too. However, don’t overdo this and end up with an unsightly layout.

Finally, you need to persevere with your traffic building strategies, even if you don’t see immediate results. Turning your blog into an effective online selling tool requires ongoing work and great determination, but yields great potential once your goal is achieved. Remember, you have lots of soldsie competitors. Make your next move your best!